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Fonts For Cowboys & Indians

Cowboy Fonts | TheButterDish.net

My grandfather, on my mothers side, stood about 5’5″, had golden white hair, sparkling ocean blue eyes, swore he was a leprachaun (contradictory to his 100% French ancestry and French last name), and was fundamentally, indisputedly the biggest Wild West fan in Colorado. There isn’t a Louis Lamour book (odd another French name) he didn’t read, more than once; not a single episode of “Gun Smoke” or “Bonanza” he had not watched repeatedly; not a cowboy he didnt know. Pe’pe may have swore he was a leprachaun but he was John Wayne at heart. Since I haven’t posted a font [Read On]

Tangy Greek Salad

Tangy Greek Salad c

I’ve been throwing dinners together lately for no other reason than lack of time. Most of them have been last minute results of inspiration and perhaps a bit of kitchen chaos. This salad was the result of a more planned approach. I saw the base recipe for this at my local Publix grocer in one of the little Aprons recipe cards. It brought back memories when I was in the NAVY and doing my three months of galley time. All enlisted service members have to do their galley time. I was lucky enough to be on a small boat, no [Read On]

11 Free Independance Day Printables – (& a fun quiz)

Amanda's Paties To Go.com

Are you planning anything fun for Independence Day this week? Of course if you're living near Arizona or Nevada, also known as the 7th circle of hell this week, my guess, you're probably indoors or near a large body of water. I just spent a week in Orlando in 92 degree heat and humidity and am thinking I have nothing to complain about. Of course if you happen to be one of my amazing readers living across around the world, I'm curious, do you have any holidays like the US 4th of July? I know there are several countries that [Read On]

Grilled Grouper Sandwiches

Grilled Grouper Sandwiches | The Butter Dish.net

BOO! Did I scare you? LOL. I bet you weren’t expecting to see ME pop up in your box today did you? Well that makes two of us. I’ve been woefully neglectful over here in my little blog-space and to be honest I’ve just missed it, missed you. I can tell you, I have FIVE drafts sitting to be completed and sadly, two of them have been sitting in here a little while. Not long…just about (sinceOctoberoflastyear)…Oh I dunno, who’s keeping track. This yummy concoction came about sometime back in March I believe after Mr.SB and I stopped by the [Read On]

Tomato & Caper White Fish


I suppose I take some time to stop in and say “Hello”, pop up a recipe that I’ve had sitting in draft stages for a few weeks, ask you how you’ve been? I just realized I haven’t posted anything for a long time. I was starting to worry if I had disappeared again, but…no….I don’t remember doing that. Hmm I can’t say why it’s been so long. I suppose life just tends to get away from us sometimes. Consciously, my efforts have been focused on not working too much. I promised I wouldn’t and, other than getting in my car [Read On]

Classic Tomato Sauce Italiano


One of my favorite things to eat is a ripe tomato, plucked fresh from the vine with a dash of sprinkled salt. That’s all, nothing else, just like that, delicious. Yet, I find it amazing that at one point tomatoes were shunned, even considered evil by some cultures. In contrast early natives to Mexico supposedly believed to observe another ingest the seeds of a tomato would impart the observer with the ability of divination. In yet another twist, early Brits & Americans believed the fruit to be poisonous, even unfit to for consumption (le GASP!) Inconceivable. Actually not really, they [Read On]

Double Chocolate Cheesecake Bars

Double Chocolate Cheesecake Bars |  TheButterDish.net

Sometimes I get a hankerin’ for something but I’m not always sure what it is until i just stumble into it; and yes I just said “hankerin’ “. Well such was the case last week-ish when I was in the mood for chocolate. Yes I’m rarely not in the mood for chocolate but I wanted something I hadn’t made in a long time; or ever. At one point I had arbitrarily established a criteria my mysterious recipe had to meet. had to be chocolate (a give in here) had to be fairly quick (um, failed on this part) required to be both [Read On]

Perfect Classic Hot Fudge

Just like old times.

There are times when cutting corners is necessary. Economic circumstances sometimes dictate our clothes come from JC Penny instead of J Crew for example. Pancetta is substituted for bacon in order to avoid setting off the smoke detector, placed near the kitchen, that just happens to be directly connected to the local fire department and ADT.  Please don’t ask. Just take my word for it, it’s necessary. There are times when cutting corners is absolutely, completely, without question prohibited. Never, ever, ever cut your own hair even if you know how. Trust me on this one. And if you don’t [Read On]

Quick & Easy Cheeseburger Pasta Bake


Is your idea of a speedy “running-out-the-door-with-15-minutes-to-make-soccer-20-mins-to-dance-30-mins-to-night-class-everybody-eat-because-NCIS-is-coming-on” weeknight dinner is making sure you have one (or 10) boxes of that “Hamburger Let Me Help You Into the Grave” stuff on hand? It’s ok, that was me once upon a time too. Sure it’s cheap but do we really want to mess with our health and sacrifice taste for a pound of ground chuck, a cup of milk and a $3.50 box of chemical soup? Well gee, put it that way and it makes no sense. With my insane work schedule these days, not only am I turning grey faster than [Read On]

Spicy Cajun Chicken Pasta


It has been a really long time since I have posted. I didn’t intend for that to happen but several factors simply robbed me of all spare time. Namely two things called “work” and “holidays”. There were other factors and interferences which simply added up to a daily time shortage of my day, but to arrest the two primary suspects, work and holidays are the wicked co-conspirators. Guilty as charged! Do yourself a favor and avoid 16 hour work days at all costs or it’ll cost you more than you may be able to afford. My absence however, doesn’t mean [Read On]