Pineapple Orange Vanilla Smoothie

Friends -  It saddens me to report that we are working our way out of pineapple season - one of my favorite fruit seasons of the year.  Nothing beats fresh pineapple and strawberries as a quick and easy side for any summer barbecue.   ...

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Slow Cooker Guisado Verde

Hi Friends!  Very excited to be joining my friend Tara as a contributor to The Butter Dish!  I thought for my first post, I would give everyone a little insight into what and how I like to cook. Husband is all of a sudden a huge fan of practical gardening, as I like to call it.  My family has always enjoyed growing flowers, tending to the yard, landscaping, etc. but we never were "practical gardeners" - no tomatoes, herbs, fruits, veggies.  So ...

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Chipotle Avocado Jalapeno Poppers |

Chipotle Avocado Jalapeno Poppers

Attention please. Before we get started I'd like to inform you this post is recommended for those with mature palates accustomed to spicy things only. If you fall into this category please feel free to take a seat wherever you like. If you do not have a spicy tolerance but perhaps have taste buds in training or are hoping to expand your food horizons please wear this call button around your neck. Be sure to print all 911 data & emergency contacts on the back first. ...

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Tortellini Carbonara With Prosciutto & Asiago |

Tortellini Carbonara With Prosciutto & Asiago

Well hello there. How long has it been; let me count the days. Actually, let’s not and say I did. It’s been awhile to say the least. There are many reasons why I vanished from The Dish, most of all because of time; it keeps on tickin’ into the future and I find myself scrambling…

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Cowboy Fonts |

Fonts For Cowboys & Indians

My grandfather, on my mothers side, stood about 5’5″, had golden white hair, sparkling ocean blue eyes, swore he was a leprachaun (contradictory to his 100% French ancestry and French last name), and was fundamentally, indisputedly the biggest Wild West fan in Colorado. There isn’t a Louis Lamour book (odd another French name) he didn’t…

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Tangy Greek Salad c

Tangy Greek Salad

I’ve been throwing dinners together lately for no other reason than lack of time. Most of them have been last minute results of inspiration and perhaps a bit of kitchen chaos. This salad was the result of a more planned approach. I saw the base recipe for this at my local Publix grocer in one…

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Amanda's Paties To

11 Free Independance Day Printables – (& a fun quiz)

Are you planning anything fun for Independence Day this week? Of course if you're living near Arizona or Nevada, also known as the 7th circle of hell this week, my guess, you're probably indoors or near a large body of water. I just spent a week in Orlando in 92 degree heat and humidity and…

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Grilled Grouper Sandwiches | The Butter

Grilled Grouper Sandwiches

BOO! Did I scare you? LOL. I bet you weren’t expecting to see ME pop up in your box today did you? Well that makes two of us. I’ve been woefully neglectful over here in my little blog-space and to be honest I’ve just missed it, missed you. I can tell you, I have FIVE…

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Tomato & Caper White Fish

I suppose I take some time to stop in and say “Hello”, pop up a recipe that I’ve had sitting in draft stages for a few weeks, ask you how you’ve been? I just realized I haven’t posted anything for a long time. I was starting to worry if I had disappeared again, but…no….I don’t…

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