13 Thoughts For Thursday

1. It’s almost that time again. The lease on our car is coming to term and we are in the market for a new vehicle. I despise shopping for vehicles for the sake of the car salesman alone. Can someone please explain to me WHY I have to haggle the price of a product that I will be taking home; that will be paying for; that this meathead will NEVER see again? I don’t have to haggle for my house. I don’t have to barter for my groceries. I can’t walk into the Apple store and give them my “best offer” for a new MACbook. This is not the medieval era here people. I shouldn’t have to do this for my car. It’s like being forced to play poker. You sit across from each other at a table, put your best game face on and then see who’s gonna call the other’s bluff first. I HATE poker. I do not PLAY poker. Slap a realistic price tag on the window, sell me the dang car and let me go home. Why is that so hard? hmm?

2. Speaking of cars, if I could have just one play around car. I want this one. I’m usually practical;. THIS is not practical. I still want it.

3. My husband is a walking encyclopedia of sports knowledge. The amount of information stored in his head borders on the ridiculous to “can you please get on some sports trivia TV show and make us rich?” tonight we had a conversation that went like this:

Mr.SB: How much do you think the Buccaneers are worth?

Me: you mean the football team?

Mr.SB: (rolls eyes) yes honey the football team.

Me: (squishes my eyebrows together really hard thinking) mmmm… $30 million

Mr.SB: (pause for a blank stare) According to the latest data by Forbes.com the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are worth $1.8 billion.

Me: hmmmm…. I was close.

I did say HE was the sports guru.

4. Normally when it comes to my hair color I give Mr.Sweet Butter free reign to do whatever he wishes. However recently I decided I wanted to try and grow my hair long against his recommendations. Being the super sport he is, he humored me. I imagined beautiful long flowing locks that I could curl, put up in wavy do’s, blah blah blah. It’s the last time I tell HIM what I want to do with my hair. I have returned all creative control over to him. Thank you honey for fixing my mess. I promise never to interfere again.

5. Have you noticed the worlds current obsession with cupcakes? There are whole stores, restaurants and yes even automatic cupcake dispensers that look like ATMs, dedicated to these little concoctions. I think I have figured it out. A cupccake is cake, perfectly proportioned. They’re like the super-model of baked goods. Beautiful, elegant and small enough to fit in your pocket; although this is not recommended. What would we call them if they got bigger? Mugcakes? Platecakes?

6. Something weird happened in my world recently. I made brownies and about half way through the pan we just stopped eating them. Ya, not sure how that happens. Not being one to waste I had a moment of inspiration. (it happens every now and then). I put them all through the food processor, laid them out on a cookie sheet to dry a bit and voila – Brownie dirt crumbs. I figured I could use them in place of cookies, or graham crackers for pie crusts etc. I’ll let you know how it turns out.

7. I go away on my business trip in less than five days and I still haven’t solved the business attire problem. HOWEVER, Charming, who has had an incredible eye for foot fashion since he was ooohh about two, found these. They are fabulous. Ok so we’ll start at the feet and work our way up. I’m perfectly fine with that. This does mean however I can’t avoid it any longer, I will be going shopping on Saturday and Charming will be coming. Lucky him. What can I say, the kid has style.

8. I may as well get it out now. Hello, my name is Tara and I am addicted to infographics. I LOOOVE them. I have ADD ( like I haven’t told you enough) and pretty pictures are perfect for conveying information to my ever in flight brain. Make them cute and fun as well and you’ve grabbed my attention for more than 40 microseconds. Here are two of my favorites

  • Real Food” Infographic – I like to think this was made for me

Okay’fine you wanna be addicted to, here’s a good one to get you hooked. Don’t say I didn’t warn you. I take no responsibility for this.

Cooking Conversion Chart

by mhars.

9. You probably know Hurricane Isaac battered Southern Louisiana last weekish. He was supposed to land in my neighborhood initially but instead found more interesting pastures on the Gulf Coast and basically spit on Tampa as it headed out. Now he has the audacity to sit in the Gulf and spin, regain momentem and now he may decide to take a tour of the Sunshine State. Can you say RUDE!

10. This is one of my absolute favorite foodie blogs. It’s amazing. I often wonder what a restaurant run by Steve and David LeBovitz would be like. I’d go… maybe camp out. Maybe just build an addition and move in.

11. Being it is that both Charming and I are walking billboards for my husbands work (I think I’ve mentioned one or a million times he cuts hair); (hence his jubilation when I relinquished mine back to him), there is an unwritten rule in our home that Charming is not to leave this house without “doing something with his hair”. That something normally takes five minutes, a little water and this,

GA-ross. I must admit, it is pretty humorous to tell Charming, “come get some snot in your hair”. How many mom’s tell THAT to their kids? LOLOL

12. I had a blue and gold macaw once. We called her Jazmin. We lived in an apartment building on the second floor. She liked to play on the lanai. She did not like our neighbors teenage son and his friends. Jasmin would scream at them. Did you know a full breasted call of a macaw can be heard over two miles away? She now lives in a bird sanctuary where she is able to fly and the nearest human being is 2.5 miles away.

13. As of last Friday it had been five months and five days since we were last at Disney World. And although I had a nice week off when my Dad came to visit at the end of July, I was getting stir crazy. I’m always home. I work at home, sleep at home. eat at home. I love my home but I really should get out more. Well, it wasn’t planned but it was absolutely necessary and out of sheer desperation we spent an impromptu weekend at The World in O Town. (Orlando). All the Autumn decor is up which means the Food and Wine Festival and Halloween Parade’s will be starting soon.

All is good and right in the world again.


  • http://profile.yahoo.com/WPWNRTIYPPKK3P667E2JFIDSY4 Becca

    This is so sad. This is my third time trying to leave a message because my other ones keep going “poof” :/ Anyways, I have the same trouble with hair. I chopped it all off last December because I was looking for a change. Now that I’m growing it back out again, I’m scared at how terrible my hair is going to look. I think it’s awesome that Mr. Sweet Butter can style your hair, he’s a keeper 😉

    I must say those brownie crumbs look delicious! I think if it were put into an ice cream it would take the slot of cookies and cream, seriously.

    I too love those infographs! They are so much fun to read!

    I want to visit Disney World in the fall. It looks so pretty! :) I’ve only been once, when I was six, and my dad said I thought the best part of the whole trip was the playhouse at the McDonald’s we went to on the way back home xD

    • http://www.thebutterdish.net/ Tara @ TheButterDish

      Sorry to hear about the Disqus probs Becca. You’re so sweet for persevering. 

      I simply love your idea of the brownie in ice cream as well. I also thought it would be a great substitute for oreos in those cute kid mud and worms desserts. The ideas are rattling around. 

      You must promise to let us know if you come to Disney World. I would love to meet up with you there. 

  • Kelley

    Hello Ms. Butter Dish…now I know your true identity and these thoughts are just perfectly amusing! Have a great day…see you in Houston next week!

    • http://www.thebutterdish.net/ Tara @ TheButterDish

      LOL You are so funny Kelley. Looking forward to being in Houston and seeing you. ☺