11 Free Independance Day Printables – (& a fun quiz)

Are you planning anything fun for Independence Day this week? Of course if you're living near Arizona or Nevada, also known as the 7th circle of hell this week, my guess, you're probably indoors or near a large body of water. I just spent a week in Orlando in 92 degree heat and humidity and am thinking I have nothing to complain about.

Of course if you happen to be one of my amazing readers living across around the world, I'm curious, do you have any holidays like the US 4th of July? I know there are several countries that do celebrate Independence Day's of their own, but what kind of celebrations and traditions do you have?

Any way for those here in the states, this young little country celebrates it's 238th birthday this year. When stacked against Greece, China, Italy, Great Britain, geesh, the USA is a mere toddler.

For those of you celebrating, having parties, baking or throwing something on the bar-bee I scoured the web and found some fabulous and free printables to help spruce things up.

1) CatchMyParty.com has some very cool printables for any party, including these invitations and tags. You can print the tags on sticker paper for easy application.

Catch My Party.com

Catch My Party.com


2) If you head over to Amanda's Facebook page, she has a whole slew of things to print out for everything to make your 4th Ah-mazing!! Seriously, are these not the cutest???

Amanda's Paties To Go.com

Amanda's Parties To Go.com

3) I LOVE these tags by Elli.com. Print them on paper or sticker paper and they can be used for cupcake toppers, envelope sealers, cup labels…you name it. I love practical things and these are IT.

julyfourthflag |www.elli.comElli.com

4) I hit the motherload when I found this treasure trove from last years Blog Hop. There are some fabulous things here, from banners and box, to posters, decorations and games….Check it out.

12 Patriotic Printables | TomKat Studios.com


5) Ok Pizzazzerie.com really knows how to set a theme. I really like everything to coordinate when party planning and this gives you everything you need quick and easy. Especially if pulling something together at last moment.

Fourth of July Printables | Pizzazzerie.com

Fourth of July Printables | Pizzazzerie.com


6) Popcorn – need I say more? I do NOT like to share my popcorn. I like my own bowl, bag, serving and keep your hands out. These bags are perfect for an Independence Day movie night or could read like a comic strip – POP! BOOM! POW! which is exactly what I'll do it you put your hands in my bowl. STAY OUT!

Uncommon Designs Online.com

Uncommon Designs Online.com


7) The Mother of crafts, Martha Stewart has these fantastic rocket party favor containers that completely rethink the whole “baggie” idea. I like the idea of perhaps using red and yellow tissue paper out the bottom to give it the look of flames. TO INFINITY AND BEYOND!

Party Favor Rockets | Martha Stewart.com

Party Favor Rockets | Martha Stewart.com


8) ♪♫♬♩ B – I – N – G – O – and they said his name is Bingo ♪♫♬♩– This is not only a fun idea and perfect party game but this one also teaches the kids their states, which, come on let's face it – sadly not many kids are learning these days.

USA States Bingo | Mr.Printables.com

USA States Bingo | Mr.Printables.com


9) I love cupcake toppers so here are some more. But I see so many other possibilities with these. Don't you?

Cupcake Toppers | SN Fontaholic.blogspot.com

Cupcake Toppers | SN Fontaholic.blogspot.com


10) Have you ever started drinking from a cup or straw and only after find out it belonged to that little kid with the snot running from his nose who keeps licking his lips? Ya gross!! I think any party – cup AND straw stickers/markers are a must! Well here ya go…you are welcome!

Patriotic Pop Toppers | SkipToMyLou.com

Patriotic Pop Toppers | SkipToMyLou.com


11) These COULD be used as cupcake toppers or like here – food lables, place settings etc. Let your imaginations go crazy. I think these are super cool!



The web is saturated with so many other free printables to use but hopefully these will give you plenty to make your shin-dig all the patriotic pizzazz you need.

If you have any on your site or know of any others, feel free to post a link in comments. You are welcome to send a picture and link as well and I'll be happy to add them to the post.

So, any plans on your calendar for the extra day off this week?

While we're all here having fun how here's a quiz to test your American Independence History. See how you do and NO CHEATING! See what you can do without using the internet.

click start to play – hit the → to move to the next question or click “list” to see all questions at once.

My Country Quiz of Thee

Congratulations - you have completed My Country Quiz of Thee. You scored %%SCORE%% out of %%TOTAL%%. Your performance has been rated as %%RATING%%
Your answers are highlighted below.
Shaded items are complete.


Happy Independence Day!

Love Tara


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  • Becca from Cookie Jar Treats

    All the printables are so adorable! And that quiz was hard… I feel ashamed that I got only 3 right on the first try. I’m a disgrace to America haha. 😛 Happy Early 4th!

    • http://www.thebutterdish.net/ Tara @ TheButterDish

      LOL you are so funny Bec! Three is my favorite number so that makes you a winner in my book. 😀


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